27 Prom Dresses: Gowns Inspired By Our Favorite YA Novels

27 Prom Dresses: Gowns Inspired By Our Favorite YA Novels

Forget spring, it’s prom season we’re really excited about! Prom lets us indulge in some of our favorite fantasies: being pampered by stylists, feeling transformed from a normal girl into a ball-gowned beauty, and being whisked away to a dance in a fancy car. But before we get to the ball, we need the dress. When searching for the perfect gown, we know just where to look: young adult books. With gorgeous dresses featured on the covers of our favorite novels, we have plenty of inspiration to help us fulfill our wildest dreams. Here are 27 hand-picked prom dresses, with a bonus designer ensemble at the end in case you win the lottery sometime soon.

1 BadGirlLuck

Bad Luck Girl

We think the black trim adds a touch of drama to this sweeping red gown with a flower perched glamorously on the shoulder.

2 ShatterMe

Shatter Me

Much like Juliette, you’ll be screaming “hands off!” lest your date ruin your flawless look.

3 AColdLegacy

A Cold Legacy

Add a red belt to inspire love and leave a legacy in this off-the-shoulder little black dress.

4 TheLuxe

The Luxe

Few will suspect your penchant for scandal in this darling blush pink high low gown.

5 WinnersCrime

The Winner’s Crime

Whether you’re spying on your enemies or simply seeking out the punch bowl, you’re sure to wow the crowds in this textured blue gown.

6 EmeraldGreen

Emerald Green

Make them green with envy: Every other girl will wish she could go back in time to snatch this dress up.

7 Vespertine

The Vespertine

If Amelia looked into your future, she’d say you’re going to have a very good time at prom in this chiffon v-neck.

8 Ironskin


Now if you can only convince your prom committee to go with a masquerade theme

9 HeartofBetrayal

The Heart of Betrayal

You’ll break some hearts (even if you don’t betray them) in this classic lace number.

10 Fury


Channel Emily’s snowy Maine town with this strapless white gown.

11 NotOtherwiseSpecified

Not Otherwise Specified

We know you really, really, really wanna say zigga-zig-yes to this dress.

12 RubyRed

Ruby Red

Dance the night away in this stunning ball gown inspired by both the paperback and the hardcover editions of Ruby Red.

13 KissofDeception

The Kiss of Deception

In this tulip ball gown, you’ll perfectly mimic the subtle beauty found on the cover of The Kiss of Deception.

14 Pointe


Ever dreamed of being a ballerina? Allow us to point you in the right direction with this lace and tulle dress.

15 TheConspiracy

The Conspiracy of Us

No need to conspire to win votes, this embellished dress screams “Prom Queen.”

16 Matched


Cassia’s life is filled with doubts, but in this sparkling sweetheart dress you’re certain to have the time of your life.

17 RebelAngels

Rebel Angels

Lacy, blushing, and wonderfully feminine, this dress channels Gemma Doyle’s world like no other.

18 dreamsofrust

Of Dreams and Rust

There’s nothing rusty about this firetruck red sheath dress with a white sash.

19 Bewitching


You’ll have a magical night in this stunning black gown.

20 SilverPhoenix

Silver Phoenix

No date, no problem, that’s the Ai Ling motto. Rock the party and your confidence in this hot pink dress.

21 Selection

The Selection

No competition for the crown here, select this dress for a perfect prom night.

22 RumorsLUXE


This regal red satin gown will catch everyone’s eye and make you the belle of the ball!

23 Manners&Mutiny

Manners and Mutiny

You’ll be ready for anything (even vampires) in this polished high low dress.

24 TheWinnersCurses

The Winner’s Curse

With plenty of folds for hiding knives, this dress is perfect for a Valerian. Though, if like Kestrel, you prefer music to fighting, this is a dress to help you peacefully dance the night away.

25 Enchanted


Your days of kissing frogs are behind you. In this fairy tale inspired dress, you’ll enchant everyone you meet.

26 GraveMercy

Grave Mercy

You just might take the crown for prom queen in this winning number with embellished sleeves and a deep red hue.

27 Dragonswood


Whether you’re fleeing from a witch-hunter or simply running for prom queen, this dress ensures you’ll look gorgeous and be ready to take on anything.

28 ACourtofThornsandRoses

A Court of Thorns and Roses

This designer ensemble is a bit out of our price range, but hey, a girl can dream!


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