Book News: 250,000 Shades of Short

Book News: 250,000 Shades of Short


Short fiction, shortlists, and long lists—across the range from children’s to erotica.

SmallWonderA new short fiction prize will be awarded at this month’s Small Wonder short story festival in Britain.


ManBookerPrizeMeanwhile, Britain’s most prestigious literary award puts forth its shortlist.


SmashwordsThere’s nothing short about Smashword’s list of self-published works, which now total 250,000.


50ShadesThere may not be quite as many unwanted copies of 50 Shades of Grey wasting away in charity shops, but there are enough to have booksellers worried: people don’t seem to crave erotica as much any more.


BeautifulCreaturesAt the other end of the literary spectrum, children’s fiction has become all the rage: so much so that hit series Beautiful Creatures is getting a spin-off.


HarryPotterSome children’s classics, of course, survive the test of time: a 1997 Bloomsbury paperback edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, signed by a then-unknown Rowling, has just sold big on eBay.

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