20 Must-Have Bookish Ornaments for Your Literary Christmas Tree

20 Must-Have Bookish Ornaments for Your Literary Christmas Tree


Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how literary are thy branches. Last year, we trimmed our tree with some of the best bookish ornaments we could find. But we still want more! Here’s a list of 20 ornaments inspired by some of our favorite books, characters, and libraries.

We can still hear this bell’s enchanted ring. Can you?


Connect Ollivander’s shop to your tree lights to give this ornament a magical glow.


Show off your love of the New York Public Library and add Patience (or is this one Fortitude?) to your tree this year.

nypl-gold-ornNew York Public Library

This is perfect for those dreaming of spending the holidays at Pemberley.

UL9182Bas Bleu

These library card ornaments get our stamp of approval.

il_570xN.1076393502_do80Etsy: Oldendesigns

They say heavy is the head that wears the crown. Hopefully this one, inspired by Renly Baratheon, won’t weigh your tree down.


This ornament is a must for any writer.


These ornaments may not glitter, but they’re gold in our book.

il_570xN.1053093310_qy1eEtsy: HeatherwoodCrafts

This scrolls depicts one of our favorite snowy scenes in literature: when Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus.

il_570xN.866502509_5eovEtsy: PapuanLass

No Sassenach should be without this dragonfly, even if it isn’t in amber.

il_570xN.1093982183_949oEtsy: RARUCOM

Forget the mantle; this small stocking belongs on your tree.

il_570xN.1132432359_owwrEtsy: MeredithMyersDesigns

With this ornament, there will be no doubt that guests are in the home of an avid reader.

il_570xN.1132538691_8k4lEtsy: BookNerdEmbroidery

The Grinch would think twice about stealing your gifts when he sees your tree being guarded by the Hound, the Kingsguard, and Ser Loras.


May this quote from C.S. Lewis fill your heart with both courage and joy.

il_570xN.1091299212_67shEtsy: BrynnJames

Spoiler alert: This ornament features the happy ending of a holiday favorite.


No owl, no problem. Let averypotterchristmas’ Etsy shop deliver your mail this season.

il_570xN.846218501_7j35Etsy: averypotterchristmas

We deduce that your tree will be incomplete without this Sherlock Holmes-inspired hat.

il_570xN.833773110_8o41Etsy: TheFandomTreasures

In this house, even the dogs are bookish.

UK8686Bas Bleu

There’s no place like your home for these Wizard of Oz ornaments of Miss Gulch and the twister.



This scroll, with a quote from A Christmas Carol, will remind you to keep the spirit of Christmas in your heart all year round.

il_570xN.400206460_fz6gEtsy: PapuanLass



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