16 Must-Have Bookmarks

16 Must-Have Bookmarks


If you’re anything like me, you’ll use just about anything for a bookmark: an old receipt, a pay stub, a metro card. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the beauty of an honest-to-goodness bookmark. In fact, I wish I owned more of them. So I scoured the internet (but mostly Etsy) for the best bookmarks I could find. From here on out, I’m saving my reading place in style.

These bookmarks are handpainted and feature Elizabeth Bennet and her lovely sisters, plus the charming Mr. Darcy.
il_570xN.628434994_l2bd Etsy: CastleOnTheHill

There are countless Harry Potter bookmarks out there, but this one of an over-eager Hermione raising her hand is by far my favorite.
il_570xN.796088966_lem8 Etsy: PearlAndViolet

Look at this fancy little mouse! He’s all dressed up and here to help you keep your place with his tail, how kind.
il_570xN.926407366_61sn Etsy: HouseOnTheCloud

If you find yourself longing for Wonderland, I think youll enjoy this whimsical metal bookmark featuring the White Rabbit.
il_570xN.841097478_63vo Etsy: Spookyisland

This papercut bookmark featuring the silhouettes of the Fellowship of the Ring characters is fantastic. Though the best part is undeniably Gollum lying in wait beneath them.
il_570xN.575168454_ag08 Etsy: ParadisePapercraft

Ding dong, the witch is dead! When you’ve stopped reading for the day, you can save your place with her iconic striped socks and ruby slippers.
il_570xN.872023999_247n Etsy: kiranichols

Outlander’s Jamie and Claire love going on adventures, so they’re the perfect reading buddies for whatever genre you’re picking up.
il_570xN.924634342_636y Etsy: TheStickerAlley

Nothing, nothing, ruins a good book like someone walking over and trying to chat with you while you’re focusing. Grumpy Cat understands the struggle.
il_570xN.843477875_7p24 Etsy: WonderFlies

Readers of fairy tales will especially love this bookmark featuring a classic first line.
il_570xN.867961216_q4zy Etsy: CarolineArgo

Books are doors to other worlds, and this bookmark is literally your key to keeping your place.
il_570xN.869442898_fbhx Etsy: patchesua

This is absolutely perfect for that murder mystery you’ve been meaning to pick up.
Liquid-Bookmark-rot-mit-Buch Connox

Show your love of the written word with these adorable leather page corner bookmarks.
il_570xN.881846893_p88j Etsy: jenniferlesleydesign

Show off your house pride with these Game of Thrones-inspired bookmarks. #TeamTargaryen
il_570xN.889838551_rvgs Etsy: HorcruxesAndDemigods

This magnetic bookmark is simple and straightforward, which is exactly why we love it.
il_570xN.396900853_47o4 Etsy: PointingDogPaper

This Etsy store offers readers a ton of great options for bookmarks, but our favorite is this adorable little fox tail.
il_570xN.867721289_3nq4 Etsy: MyBookmark

Who can resist this adorable hippo who just wants to take a dip in the pages of a book? I can’t.
peleghippomark_01Amazon: Peleg Design

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