12.14.12 Bookmarks: Weekly Buzz From Around the Web

12.14.12 Bookmarks: Weekly Buzz From Around the Web


1. Season’s greetings! We come bearing Bookish delights from all around the web. Just take a look at these tremendous literary gingerbread houses that the good folks over Book Riot discovered. This Hogwarts gingercastle has bewitched us into the holiday spirit.

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2. What do you get when you add Mr. Darcy + Elizabeth Bennet + Lifetime? You get “Darcy’s Town” starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. The TV network for ladies is updating the Jane Austen classic “Pride and Prejudice” to be set in a small Virginia town.

3. A never-before-seen Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale was recently discovered in the private archives of a Dutch family. Will “The Tallow Candle,” a story about an underappreciated little candle, join the ranks of “Thumblelina,” “The Princess and the Pea” or “The Little Mermaid”?

4. We loved pop-up books as kids. That’s probably why we can’t get enough of Jodi Brown’s book art. She creates stunning vignette sculptures that pop out of the pages of classic books.

5. Collage artist Erwan Soyer creates surrealistic works using old books that are assembled with bookbinding techniques. His artwork revolves “around the notions of territory, dimensions, actuality and mythology” Go check out his Tumblr if you’d like to see what it looks like when mountains are made out of book pages.

6. EW conducted an interview with David Goodman, the author of the Star Trek history behemoth “Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years.” It’s a fictional account of the creation of the United Federation of Planets complete with all deliciously geeky sci-fi creations like Starfleet documents, illustrations and even fake intelligence reports.

7. It’s that wonderful time of the year when critics enumerate top choices in end-of-the-year roundups. But what about the books that people really love? The books that make you think? That’s why we’re cheering for the The Atlantic Wire’s “The Books We Loved in 2012.” They breakdown the year in books into descriptive categories like “Coolest Cover with the Contents to Match” (hint: “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?”) and “Most ‘Ugly-Cry’ Inducing.”

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