10 Things Bookworms Are Actually Scared Of

10 Things Bookworms Are Actually Scared Of


Monsters and vampires and ghosts, oh my! Literature is full of terrifying creatures, but bookworms are unusually brave. Why else would they keep coming back for more? But we’ll let you in on a secret: There are some things that bookworms are afraid of. Read on to find out what they are!



Reading Frankenstein? Manageable. Getting a papercut while turning the page of Frankenstein? Nightmare!


Losing library books

Bookworms hate that gnawing feeling of guilt that comes along with misplacing a library book. After all, it means they can’t read the book and no one else can either! 



Adaptations can be downright magical, but waiting to see if they’ll be faithful to the original can be a real nail-biter. And, of course, a bad one will ruin any bookworm’s day, week, or even month.


Disappearing bookmarks

Picture this: You’re reading a book and you’re just getting to the good part. Then, whether you’ve thrown the volume into a backpack or you simply dropped the book, your bookmark slides out, leaving you with no idea where to pick up reading again. The horror!


Book thieves

We’ve all been there: You loaned a book to a friend, you trusted that they’d return it, but they never did. You survived your reading of The Shining, but your best friend’s refusal to return it in a timely manner is a totally different kind of frightening. 


Cover redesigns

You’ve been collecting the books in your favorite series for years, and they look great lined up together on your bookshelf. Then, you hear that the series is getting a cover redesign midway through, ruining your perfectly coordinated shelves. Gasp!


Getting stuck without a book

You’re on the longest flight of all time, and you left your book at home. Just the thought of this situation is enough to keep most bookworms up all night. 



… No, not their own retirement; bookworms look forward to the extra reading time. Readers fear their that their favorite writers will decide to retire and not write any more books!


Neverending TBR pile

When bookworms lie awake in bed at night, fears running through their minds, this is the big one: Will they ever read all of the books they want to read? 


Cancelled book club meetings

Bookworms love reading and talking about what they’re reading. They live in fear of learning a book club meeting has been cancelled and they’ll have to keep their thoughts to themselves.

Elizabeth Rowe
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