10 Reasons You Should Read The Time Traveler’s Wife eBook

10 Reasons You Should Read The Time Traveler’s Wife eBook


Just in time for its 10th birthday, The Time Traveler’s Wife eBook is now available, and it includes 25 pages of the upcoming sequel. Here are the top 10 reasons you should grab a cup of tea and a box of tissues and curl up on the couch to reread the greatest love story to ever feature a naked, time-traveling librarian.

  1. To get a preview of the upcoming sequel, which focuses on Clare and Henry’s daughter Alba, who as an adult finds herself caught between her realtime husband, Zach, and her other husband, Oliver, a musician with similar gifts to hers.
  2. Because you knew how it was going to end the first time and it still broke you.
  3. You’ve been on a dud reading spree and need something excellent to break the cycle.
  4. You recently watched the film and need to be reminded of how much more beautifully tragic the book is.
  5. To make a list of all the great punk rock references.
  6. Because it was the first of the “wife” books (i.e. 19th Wife, The Paris Wife, American Wife, The Tiger’s Wife, The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Shoemaker’s Wife).
  7. You haven’t had a good cry in a while and could really use the emotional release.
  8. To compile your own gif-reaction list.
  9. Because it’s a great Chicago novel. And you like Chicago. Or you’ve never been, and you want to do some book-traveling.
  10. Do you really need a reason?

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This article originally appeared on Zola Books.

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