10 Places to Donate Books This Holiday Season

10 Places to Donate Books This Holiday Season


’Tis the season of giving. December is a month where we rush around like mad, scouring shopping malls and the internet for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. It’s a time of year that we strive to think of others before ourselves. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of charities and organizations where readers can donate books this holiday season. Help spread joy and literacy to readers everywhere!

Here’s a tip: If you’re shipping a box of books, tell the post office it’s media mail and the cost will be lower than standard shipping. Also, many of these groups prefer a call or email before being sent a donation. Read the fine print before shipping a box off!

Local Government
We recommend your first stop be at your City Hall to speak with your city’s representatives. Many towns host their own toy or gift drive this time of year, and a government rep will be able to direct you to the drop-off location.

Local Daycares and Schools
Give a ring to your local daycare or school and ask if it would be possible to donate some books to their library. We guarantee they’ll be pleased.

Local Shelters
Is there a local homeless or domestic violence shelter in your community? Take the time to stop by with an armful of books.

Books for Africa
This organization sends books to classrooms across Africa. They’ve shipped millions of books in the last few years, but are always looking to send more.

Books for Kids
Books for Kids originally started as a single event aimed at giving children books for the holidays. It quickly grew and has been active since 1986.

Operation Paperback
One of the toughest things about being stationed far away is not being able to spend the holidays with your family. This group not only sends books for soldiers, it also sends children’s books that soldiers can read to their kids over webcam.

Bridge to Asia
This charity’s focus is on universities in China and Southeast Asia, so educational nonfiction books are appreciated.

Prison Book Program
This group has been sending books to men and women in prison since 1972. They send books that help support their readers’ personal, spiritual, and professional development.

Better World Books
With drop-off locations across the country, it’s easy to donate books to this organization. Some of the books are given away and others are sold to help fund literacy programs.

Books for Soldiers
Children aren’t the only ones in need of books this time of year. This charity gives troops a place to request books and then allows readers to send those books directly to them.

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