10.12.12 Bookmarks: Weekly Buzz From Around the Web

10.12.12 Bookmarks: Weekly Buzz From Around the Web


1. From a glowing egg to an alien spacecraft, Flavorwire has the lowdown on the most bizarre-looking libraries in the world. (Image via)

2. Congratulation to Chinese fiction writer Mo Yan who won the Nobel Prize for Literature this week.

3. Did you know that Obama supporters are three times more likely to read “Freedom” by Jonathan Franzen than their Republican counterparts? Goodreads polled their members to find out how reading tastes divide down party lines.

4. In case you missed it, Entertainment Weekly watched the “Fifty Shades of Grey” themed “Law & Order: SVU” episode for you. Laugh (and cringe) at the 11 most absurd moments from the show.

5. The International Publishers Association has created a map of the world based on domestic book publishing markets. The U.S. and Europe take up most of the map while Africa and the Middle East are barely visible.

6. Check out these cool new book covers in the same red, black and off-white color scheme that Vintage commissioned for Haruki Murakami novels.

7. “MEG WHAT’S ALL THIS WHAT’S ALL THIS I’M HEARING ABOUT YOUR GETTING MARRIED.” And so begins The Hairpin’s hilarious “Texts from ‘Little Women.’”

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