1.18.13 Bookmarks: Weekly Buzz From Around the Web

1.18.13 Bookmarks: Weekly Buzz From Around the Web


Lemingway-e13579423647551. What do you think Ernest Lemingway would have written? “The Old Man and the Flea?” This little gem comes from illustrator Timothy Leo Taranto. Head on over to The Rumpus for “D.F. Wallace & Gromet,” “Frankensteinbeck” and more literary puns

2. “The Baby-Siters Club” and “Sweet Valley High” were some of the biggest hits of the ’80s and ’90s, and soon-to-be starlets like Kirsten Dunst and Amanda Seyfried graced their covers. But did you know that Kardashian hanger-on Scott Disick had his own teen-novel career?

3. We absolutely adore romance book covers, and apparently so does ABC’s “The Bachelor.” The new crop of contestants were asked to strike their sexiest pose in a competition to be on the cover of a Harlequin novel. You’ve never seen so much lip-biting.

4. Our friends over at Epic Reads have created the perfect tea pairings for some of our favorite YA hits. Sweet tea while reading “Beautiful Creatures?” Yes, please!

5. Here at Bookish, we believe books can change lives, and the smart folks over at Flavorwire agree. Feeling lazy or a little codependent? Check out their recommendations for novels that will solve a whole host of problems.

6. They’re creative, they’re loyal and they listen. That’s just three of the 10 wonderful reasons Quirk Books gives for dating a bookworm.

7. Are you a Kindle devotee? Or do you still love smelling the pages of a book? Mashable tells us why they think–even in the age of the e-book!–the printed word will never die.


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