1.04.13 Bookmarks: Weekly Buzz From Around the Web

1.04.13 Bookmarks: Weekly Buzz From Around the Web


Happy New Year! We here at Bookish hope that your 2013 is off to a great start!

1. What better way to open the new year than by celebrating J.R.R. Tolkien’s birthday earlier this week? Happy birthday to the creator of Bilbo Baggins! As they say in “The Hobbit,” “may the hair on your toes never fall out!” If you haven’t already read the classic, the newly-released film means now’s the time!

2. Are you up for a challenging Bookish resolution? Find out how a Slate writer was able to read 366 books in 2012. A book a day is a tall order–let us know if you’re biting!

3. Our buddies over at Trés Sugar have some useful tips to help you up your reading game this year. We particularly love their suggestion to leave your comfort zone and dive into a new genre.

4. Need that new genre suggestion? If you’re not already a sci-fi/fantasy fan, check out these recommendations from io9 offering up their favorite book series.

5. Season three of “Downton Abbey” premieres in the U.S. in just two days! We can’t wait to reunite with the Dowager Countess and her sour sister Edith. In the meantime, we’re delighted by this graphic novel parody of the show about a badass, Nazi fighter who works undercover as humble valet Mr. Gates.

6. Literary feuds were all the rage in 2012: Salman Rushdie called Nobel Prize Winner Mo Yan a “patsy,” and Bret Easton Ellis went on an epic Twitter rant against the late David Foster Wallace, calling him “the most tedious, overrated, tortured, pretentious writer of my generation.” The New Yorker dives into the fray.

7. Travel + Leisure picked their favorite bookstores from across America. Hopefully, you’re lucky enough to live near one. Otherwise, start planning that road trip!


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