The Grace That Keeps This World

A Novel


Paperback published by Broadway Books (Crown Publishing Group)

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Paperback (320 pages)
Published: July 25, 2006
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
Imprint: Broadway Books
ISBN: 9780307238023
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  • Cotton Song

    Cotton Song
    A Novel
    In World War II–era Mississippi, the aftermath of a tragedy takes on all the intensity and heat of the Delta summer when the town of Ruleton copes with violence, racism, and a vengeful spree that threatens the life of a young girl and the soul of the small town. In Hushpuckashaw County in the 1940s, many things are desperately unfair. Letitia Johnson, a young black mother and the nanny for one of the town’s most distinguished couples, knows this only too well when the couple’s baby is found drowned in its bath. Accused by the grieving family and the enraged townspeople, Letitia quickly sends her twelve-year-old daughter, Sally, out to hide in the brush before she is taken into custody. The angry mob would get revenge when they drag Letitia from her jail cell and hang her that very night. But they wouldn’t get Sally. Baby Allen, a courageous social worker, is assigned to Sally’s case, and gradually coaxes the young girl out of hiding, wins her trust, and secures her protection. But once Sally is safe, Baby is left with the greater mission of uncovering the truth about who is responsible for the infant’s death—a shocking revelation that will change the ways and attitudes of a town that has been long in need of changing. Beautiful and gripping, Cotton Song is the story of a woman’s fight to save the child left behind after the horrific lynching that took her mother’s life. From the Hardcover edition.

    Crow Man

    Crow Man
    These eleven quintessentially American stories fully demonstrate our unstinting capacity for love and loss. AsThe Atlantic Monthly’s C. Michael Curtis puts it, “Tom Bailey’s characters live in a world of deceptive simplicity. They move from job to job and in and out of prison, struggle to . . . understand loving attachment, make crucial misjudgments, defend . . . what they believe are manly virtues, and absorb deep . . . disappointments.”

    The Complete Alabama Fisherman

    The Complete Alabama Fisherman

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