Pat the Bunny (Pat the Bunny)


Slide Bound published by Golden Books (Random House Children's Books)

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About This Book
The original classic touch and feel book that has been entertaining babies for over 60 years.
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The original classic touch and feel book that has been entertaining babies for over 60 years.
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Slide Bound (20 pages)
Published: May 1, 2001
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Imprint: Golden Books
ISBN: 9780307120007
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    Kitty's New Doll
    KITTY AND HER mother go to the toy store for her very first doll. Which one does Kitty choose? Not the doll that walks and talks. Kitty chooses a rag doll that can’t do anything, not even sleep. “But she can pretend cry and pretend sleep . . . and she can say anything I want her to say,” says Kitty. And as she walks home with her new doll, she holds it close and pretends that it says, “I love you.”

    Pat the Bunny Book & Plush (Pat the Bunny)

    Pat the Bunny Book & Plush (Pat the Bunny)
    This book and plush set is a wonderful gift for parent and child that extends the interactive experience with a soft cuddly plush.

    Junket Is Nice

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