Paperback published by Kodansha Comics (Kodansha)

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Paperback (208 pages)
Published: August 17, 2011
Publisher: Kodansha
Imprint: Kodansha Comics
ISBN: 9781612621104
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  • Ai Love You

    Ai Love You
    Hitoshi becomes the judge of a beach beauty contest and the girls, including Cynthia McDougal, compete in the contest for more than just bragging rights. How far will the girls go to win the heart of Hitoshi?

    NEGIMA! 10

    NEGIMA! 10
    TIME AGAIN The sprawling, activity-packed, three-day Mahora Academy Festival is underway. Overwhelmed and exhausted by his schedule, Negi falls asleep and almost loses an entire day. But thanks to Chao Lingshen’s amazing, pocket-size invention, Negi suddenly has time to spare! So Negi goes on a date with Nodoka, patrols the dangerous areas surrounding the legendary World Tree, becomes accidentally possessed by strange magic, inspires a heart-to-heart with usually secretive students, and prepares to compete in a martial-arts tournament against opponents who are more formidable than he ever imagined. Will there be anything left to do for days two and three? This volume of Negima! includes special extras after the story!

    NEGIMA! 11

    NEGIMA! 11
    FOUR’S THE CHARM The first lo-o-o-o-o-ng day of the Mahora Academy Festival is finally coming to a close. Of course, Negi needed to repeat the day four times, courtesy of a bit of magic, in order to make it through his to-do list. And thanks to Evangeline’s enchanted resort, Negi has had enough training and rest. But will he have the courage to face fellow magic-teacher Takamichi in the premiere round? It’s time to do what Negi’s father did before him–not only survive the “Budokai” Martial Arts Tournament, but win it! This volume of Negima! includes special extras after the story!

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