Mortal Evidence

The Forensics Behind Nine Shocking Cases

By , (Author), Mark Curriden (Author), Henry C. Lee (Contributor)

Paperback published by Prometheus Books (Prometheus Books)

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Paperback (324 pages)
Published: January 2, 2007
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Imprint: Prometheus Books
ISBN: 9781591024859
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    Was Scott Peterson convicted of murdering Laci Peterson based upon circumstantial evidence alone? Did Washington intern Chandra Levy know her killer? In "Tales from the Morgue", Dr Cyril Wecht, one of the most sought-after forensic pathologists in the world, shares his insights and scientific expertise on nine cases that he has officially investigated - high-profile cases as well as other lesser-known but highly intriguing mysteries. Dr Wecht takes the reader inside some of the nation's most bizarre and intriguing medico-legal investigations and shows how forensic scientists help to solve crimes - and why they sometimes fail in their efforts. His vast experience and his willingness to take on the establishment if necessary and provide proof that runs counter to popular opinion make this book a page-turner.

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