Dr. Henry Lee's Forensic Files

Five Famous Cases Scott Peterson, Elizabeth Smart, and more...


Hardcover published by Prometheus Books (Prometheus Books)

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Hardcover (258 pages)
Published: May 2, 2006
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Imprint: Prometheus Books
ISBN: 9781591024095
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    Forensic Science Today
    Forensic Science Today takes a scientific approach to the study of Forensics. The textbook covers many of the diverse aspects of forensic science. Forensic Science Today is an exceptional choice for College, law enforcement, and upper division high school introduction to forensic science classes. Written by the world's most prominent forensic scientists and experts, Forensic Science Today is an excellent way for students to explore the fascinating world of forensic science, and an invaluable resource for instructors. This is an Introductory Textbook that, in Part One provides a comprehensive view of the many careers in forensic science, and in Part Two, an introduction to the types of evidence, and how they are collected and used in real world situations. This is an excellent, interesting and easy to read student text on an exciting career area.

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    Cracking Cases

    Cracking Cases
    The Science of Solving Crimes
    Truly a legend in his own time, Dr. Henry C. Lee is considered by many to be the greatest forensic scientist in the world. He gained widespread public recognition through his testimony in the televised O. J. Simpson trial. Since that time he has helped with the Jon Benet Ramsey case and the investigations of mass murder in Croatia. This book will take the reader through the entire investigative process of five murder cases, with Dr. Lee as the tour guide. The cases include: the O. J. Simpson case, in which Dr. Lee's analysis of the blood evidence at the crime scene revealed that the Los Angeles Police Department had missed several blood drops on the back of Nicole Simpson, a footprint belonging to a second possible assailant, and the physical improbability of Mr. Simpson's climbing a fence to return to his home. the "woodchipper murder," in which an Eastern Airlines pilot murdered his wife and then put her body through a woodchipper in an attempt to dispose of the remains. the Mathison murder, in which a veteran Hawaiian police sergeant claimed to have accidentally run over his wife after she fled the family van during a dispute. the Ed Sherman murder, in which a college English professor attempted to disguise the time of his wife's death by turning up the air conditioning unit in their house and then using the alibi that he was away from the home sailing on the day the crime allegedly took place. the McArthur murder, in which a police sergeant shot and killed his wife, but then tried to make it appear that she had accidentally killed herself. In each case, Dr. Lee presents in scientific detail how he investigated the murders, analyzed the evidence, and used techniques that played a critical role in bringing criminals to justice. He discusses how the criminalist examines blood spatter evidence and uses blood identification, DNA analysis, and other forensic technologies developed in the world's best laboratories. This is a fascinating insider's look by a world-renowned expert into the pursuit of justice in some of the most grisly criminal cases of recent times.

    The Budapest Connection

    The Budapest Connection
    A Novel
    On a dank fall night at the Brooklyn Marine Terminal in New York City, police uncover a grisly scene: the naked corpses of three murdered young women lying on the pier. Weirdly, their bodies are neatly arranged to form a perfect triangle, each face up with one eye glued open and the other shut. A gunshot wound to the side of each woman’s head confirms the initial impression that this was an execution-style killing. Dr. Henry Liu—a brilliant forensic scientist—calls together the Global Interactive Forensics Team (GIFT) to investigate these brutal murders. Composed of the very best in the profession, this eclectic group of four men and one woman works together as a forensics SWAT team to solve bizarre and insidious crimes around the globe. So begins the intricate, suspense-filled plot of this exciting murder mystery, written by world-renowned forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee and critically acclaimed mystery writer Jerry Labriola, M.D. Dr. Liu and his group boldly pursue leads that are fraught with danger and bloodshed. They encounter an assortment of strange and suspicious characters—including a descendent of the real life Dracula (who proudly displays his chain collection). Despite receiving a barrage of threats—as well as overtures from the frankly seductive Dr. Gail Merriday, a detective in his own group—Dr. Liu remains focused on the aim of his quest: to discover the identity of Mr. or Ms. Big—a top international criminal. Fans of mystery novels, true crime, and forensic dramas like CSI, will not be able to put down this entertaining and suspenseful page-turner.

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