Days of Defiance

Sumter, Secession, and the Coming of the Civil War


eBook published by Vintage (Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group)

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eBook (528 pages)
Published: May 1, 2013
Publisher: Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Imprint: Vintage
ISBN: 9780307832252
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    The Power Makers
    Steam, Electricity, and the Men Who Invented...
    In The Power Makers, one of America’s most acclaimed historians of business and society offers an epic narrative of his greatest subject yet—the “power revolution” that transformed American life in the course of the nineteenth century. With consummate skill, Klein recreates the discoveries, the stunning triumphs and frequent failures, and the unceasing battles in the marketplace. The Power Makers is a dazzling saga of inspired invention, dogged persistence, and business rivalry at its most naked and cutthroat—a tale of America in its most astonishing decades.

    Rainbow's End

    Rainbow's End
    The Crash of 1929
    Rainbow's Endtells the story of the stock market collapse in a colorful, swift-moving narrative that blends a vivid portrait of the 1920s with an intensely gripping account of Wall Street's greatest catastrophe. The book offers a vibrant picture of a world full of plungers, powerful bankers, corporate titans, millionaire brokers, and buoyantly optimistic stock market bulls. We meet Sunshine Charley Mitchell, head of the National City Bank, powerful financiers Jack Morgan and Jacob Schiff, Wall Street manipulators such as the legendary Jesse Livermore, and the lavish-living Billy Durant, founder of General Motors. As Klein follows the careers of these men, he shows us how the financial house of cards gradually grew taller, as the irrational exuberance of an earlier age gripped America and convinced us that the market would continue to rise forever. Then, in October 1929, came a "perfect storm"-like convergence of factors that shook Wall Street to its foundations. We relive Black Thursday, when police lined Wall Street, brokers grew hysterical, customers "bellowed like lunatics," and the ticker tape fell hours behind. This compelling history of the Crash--the first to follow the market closely for the two years leading up to the disaster--illuminates a major turning point in our history.

    The Flowering of the Third America

    The Flowering of the Third America
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    In a provocative new interpretation of a transforming era, 1850–1920, Klein integrates social, economic, and business history and stresses the driving role of technology in creating a complex society of many cultures. As increasing organization made life more fragmented and alienated for ordinary persons, Klein argues, a unifying social thread was provided by a surprising new source: the consumer economy.

    Union Pacific

    Union Pacific
    Volume I, 1862-1893
    The Union Pacific Railroad is renowned as America’s first transcontinental railroad and is one of the strongest companies in the railroad industry today. The laying of the golden spike in Promontory, Utah, in 1869 marked not only the opening of the continent to settlement but also the transformation of the United States from an agricultural nation to an industrial one. Maury Klein, America’s foremost railroad historian, re-creates the powerful personalities and dramatic events that led to the construction of this legendary railroad. Fully illustrated with over one hundred historic photographs and maps, Union Pacific details the feat of engineering and human strength that conquered the terrain of the desert and mountains and also the colorful wheelings and dealings that were waged in executive boardrooms in New York and Boston and in the chambers of Congress as dreamers and scoundrels, politicians and patriots forged a pioneering enterprise in transportation. Maury Klein is professor of history at the University of Rhode Island. He is the author of several books, including the Pulitzer Prize finalist The Life and Legend of Jay Gould.

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