Nupur Gogia

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  • About Canada: Immigration

    About Canada: Immigration
    Challenging the notions that immigrants steal jobs away from qualified Canadians, abuse the healthcare system, and refuse to participate in Canadian culture, this investigation delves into the realities of immigrating to Canada. Contending that the country’s historical immigration policies have always been fundamentally racist—favoring whites unless hard laborers were needed—the survey argues that current policies continue to favor certain kinds of applicants. The number of highly trained and educated professionals who have recently immigrated is highlighted, revealing how few of them find work in their area of expertise despite their potential for making significant contributions. Asserting that deeply ingrained racism, suspicion, and fear create obstacles for immigrants, this study also illustrates how Canada needs construction workers, nannies, and agricultural workers—but how very few immigrants who do this work qualify for citizenship. Underscoring the need to move beyond the myths, this volume encourages an immigration policy that meets the needs of Canadian society.