Marisa Lopez Soria

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  • Catalinasss

    Catalina has new braces on her teeth and, not knowing what effect her new appearance will have on people, she shies away from them. To keep herself entertained, she sets about finding the prettiest word in the world—because while she may hate her name, Catalina loves words. Her search for the perfect word may just help draw her out of her shell.   A Catalina acaban de instalarle un aparato corrector en la boca y, sin saber que impresión va a causar su nuevo aspecto, se retira de la gente. Para entretenerse, decide buscar la palabra más bonita del mundo—porque aunque no le guste su nombre, le gustan muchísimo las palabras. Su búsqueda por la palabra perfecta podrá ayudar curarla de su timidez.

    Matthew's Colors

    Matthew's Colors